Take physic, pomp

The IKN Weekly, out now

egg nog. seriously.

IKN720 has just been sent to subscribers. It contains information on copper, copper, copper, copper, copper, copper and gold. And copper.


    Which is the best movie in 2023 – Oppenheimer, Women Talking, A Man Called Otto, Cocaine Bear, Aurora: A Love Story, Creed III, The Flash, Barbie, Dungeons & Dragons, Indiana Jones V, The Expendables IV, Dune II, or Wonka?


    Need a chuckle Otto? Have a look at the RocketR meltdown at CEO and Stock H. He has officially lost his mind. Claimed Friday Advance had 70 Billion in value and by Sunday it was 90 Billion! You were right about these clowns!


      You doubted me?


        No I did not! but this meltdown is rubber room material. And Allan is really trying to get mileage of him calling Mexico to beg for help. Trying to spin it that Mexico is wooing him. Hope Mexico learns of his misrepresentation.


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