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The IKN Weekly, out now

I’m no car lover (don’t even own one) and also, people who know me will be quick to tell you that my style gland isn’t exactly overworking itself. However I do know drop-dead Italian automotive wonderfulness and fabulosity when I see it and the Alfa156 is one of the very few cars I’ve ever ridden in that has managed to quicken my pulse. No nation makes a lump of metal on four wheels look as good as Italy does.
IKN156 has just been sent to subscribers. It has a long piece on Rio Alto Mining (RIO.to) that includes a newly revised target price now we have a better idea on how La Arena is performing as a mine. It also includes a pol risk report on Peru and all that conga thing, plus another on Argentina and all that YPF thing. There’s other stuff to, including a new minor buy that your author is going to make next week (most likely tomorrow, but you never know with these things) and bits on this, bits on that.

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