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The IKN Weekly, picking losing trades since 2009

It’s true. Since the subscription service, The IKN Weekly, started in May 2009 we’ve consistently opted for investments, trades and picks that have turned out to be losers. In fact, as things stand today we’ve closed no fewer than 16 trades that have lost money.  But then again, we’ve had a few winners along the way too. Here’s the breakdown of closed trades winners to losers for the last three years (and by the way, each trade is clearly available for scrutiny in every single edition of the Weekly):

2009: 9 winning trades, 1 break-even trade, 3 losing trades
2010: 16 winning trades, 7 losing trades
2011:  10 winning trades, 6 losing trades

As for the current batch of open trades, right now we have 14 open positions on the books and winners-to-losers is about half and half (or it was exactly 50% last weekend, yet to do the totting up for this week).
Whether good or bad, the world of junior mining investment is a volatile one and losing trades are part of the scenario (unless you choose to believe those who claim they never make a losing trade or follow people that love to recommend buys but hate to say when to sell, of course…that’s your prerogative). Losers are part of the territory and you can be darned sure that I’ll keep picking losers in the future. But it won’t bother me as long as we can keep picking just a few more winners than losers every year.

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