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The IKN Weekly subscribers knew

  • On Thursday May 7th IKN Weekly subscribers received a flash note with very positive noises about a company that had just released an excellent set of drill results.
  • In The IKN Weekly issue two (May 10th) there was a write up explaining the call, the position and a target price for a short-term trade.
  • Since the initial call, the stock has risen 17.3% (and is showing particular strength on good volume today).
  • Neither the stock nor the trade were mentioned on this blog.
The IKN Weekly is published every Sunday afternoon, giving subscribers plenty of time to digest the information before trading begins. Subscribers also benefit from a flash update e-mail service (another flash went out last night that talked about recent events in Minera Andes (MAI.to) and Cardero (CDY) (CDU.to).

Yes, this is a plug for the newsletter service (how did you guess?) :-). More details on this link and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. At just $25 a month you could have covered a couple of years’ subscription with the single stock trade idea that was sent out last week.

UPDATE: Oops! My mistake. It’s in fact a 25% winner in one week. Send me a mail and I’ll tell you which company it is. Sales pitch now complete. Have a nice day.

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