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The insider selling never stops at Fortuna Silver (FSM) (FVI.to)

The selling never stops at Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) (FSM), with even more insider selling registered this week. As per Canadian Insider, since November insiders at FVI have sold over 1.15 million shares of their own company, the vast majority of those sales being options priced at $4.03 that are exercised and then all sold.
Just about every director and/or officer you’d care to mention has been cashing in too; CEO Ganoza, CFO Ganoza, Chair Ridgway, founder Stozlender, VP Ops Ruiz Rabbit, long-standing key director Iverson, Corp Secretary Whittall…the whole nine yards.
Strange this is happening when the market analysts insist that there’s never been a better time to buy mining shares. Hey, maybe the people inside FVI know something about its year-end financials that the rest of us don’t. Y’know…just maybe…

UPDATE: IKN is pleased to welcome visitors from the site of Canada’s biggest ass-licking sycophant and toady of the mining industry. Yes indeed, the one and only Tommy Humphreys and CEO dot CA.

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