Take physic, pomp

The joke that is Novo Resources (NVO.v)

Bob Jewlover Moriarty’s major scam, perped by CEO.ca and abetted by every economic geologist on four continents that whispers to their colleagues how ridiculous this all is. But this cowardly sector never has the guts to clean its own house, so you never call out Quinton Hennigh for what he is, PT Barnum with a PhD. QH even suckered Brent Cook for a while, though that’s far easier than most people imagine and Cook won’t ever tell the truth about this smoke and mirrors show in public, because “Quinton’s his friend”. With friends like that, who needs rip-off merchants for enemies?
You would have been better off buying GDXJ, but instead the brainwashed flock of stupidity will keep holding those shares because their handlers will convince them NVO will “move the market” soon.

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