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The Juby rip-off: A visual aid

This should help:

Turns out they call Ross Beaty “the broken slot machine” because his method of getting rich is taking a sledgehammer to the assets owned by his shareholders, smashing them into a worthless pulp, stealing the coins he finds inside and then silently slinking off into the night. Your heroes, Canada.


    ralph Wilsonville 14/10/20 12:29 pm

    so, while Juby might (as in, big maybe) actually be worth the ~50 million that it cost CGC, the rip off artists (refusing to call them “chessmasters”) manage to stuff the difference of 40 million in their pockets. all in a day’s work (if that much), apparently.


    Since I found FIN TWIT and IKN, I have stopped listening to all the old big names for advice or to invest with, lIke ross beaty, Rick rule, and all the newsletter writers who attend PDAC every year.

    Bad eyes toronto88@protonmail.com 14/10/20 11:04 pm

    My eyes, i wish i had the eyes of my youth to read the picture graph.


    Nothing surprises me when Serafíno and Tim Young are involved. Steer clear of these two isn’t such bad advice.


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