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The Juby rip-off: Ask Ross Beaty about the deal on Thursday

A date for your diary:

This coming Thursday October 22nd at 12 midday EST, you too can tune in to Ross Beaty as he gives a friendly fireside chat at the Red Cloud virtual conference. We are sure to get questions on Juby, the scam he just pulled on his own shareholders at PAAS. Will they get aired? Will he answer?

And deliciously, Ross Beaty is being sponsored by Caldas Gold! The impunity is absolute, these godforsaken scumbags absolutely know they are above the law and are laughing at you all.


    David Rosenberg is the real deal – always worth a listen. JMHO peeps. The other guy I don’t know.


      LOL. Many readers of this site would probably know Beaty but not Rosenberg (who, I agree, is definitely worth listening to).


    Speaking of PAAS, how you feeling about your daft silver call? That red dog stick is in full effect lately. ie the us dollar.

    Given Pan American has a year low of $14 and is currently almost $45 I think most of us shareholders are pretty content with Beatty.


      Compared to the latest $300/oz call from the Twitterati? Doing just fine with silver, thanks for asking. And asking shows you care, which warms the heart.


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