Take physic, pomp

The late night Saturday chart of the day is…..

..Alan García’s job approval rating in Lima and Metropolitan area. May 2009.

Sooooo….. he gets 59% approval with the socioeconomic A level of society, and 30% rating (down two points since last month) from all socioeconomic groups including the As. Go on, take a wild guess as to what all that points to…..

Meanwhile, from the same news report where I culled the numbers, take a look at this opinion about Chile’s recent purchase of arms. After you read it, have a look at who actually said it below. These are the people forming public opinion and running the all-white criollo show in Peru, folks. Frightening.

“The arms that Chile is buying is to prepare an attack against us. Chile has alwas tried to take over Peruvian territory. In Perú, on the other hand, we don’t buy arms for expansionary reasons or for attack. The reason has always been for dissuasive purposes, and this is the spirit that is reflected in the survey. What we need is a real policy of national defence to dissuade any possible aggressor. This will also be used to confront internal dangers such as narcotrafficking so that the population can develop peacefully.”

The man behind those words is Rear-Admiral Alfonzo Paniza who was head of the Peruvian Intelligence Service (CNI) on two occasions. He lost his job in 2003 when he was discovered using his spooks to track journalists.

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