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The latest from Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L)

Read it yourself, no extra IKN commentary necessary on this one:


and Ex Executive President of Minera IRL Ltd Denounced for Fraudulent
Administration, Slander and False Accusation
Charges have been lodged against Daryl
Hodges, Jaime Pinto, Robin Fryer, Douglas Jones and Carlos Yrigoyen 
The individuals named above are currently
being investigated by order of the Criminal Prosecutor of Lima
Lima, 22
September 2015
, Minera IRL SA and Compañia Minera Kuri Kullu SA,
both Companies represented by General Manager Diego Benavides Norlander, have
formally denounced Daryl Hodges, Jaime Pinto, Robin Fryer, Douglas Jones and
Carlos Cesar Yrigoyen Elejalde.
These individuals
are being investigated by the Criminal Prosecutor´s office of Lima (under
signed order No. 479-2015), on formal charges of diverse fraudulent
administrative acts, planned outside of Peru then executed in Peru against both
Peruvian companies.
investigations will demonstrate that the accused have violated Peruvian law,
assuming titles and attributing faculties to third parties in order to
administrate the companies, without following proper procedure or legal
requirements.  The accused must present themselves in the Public
Ministry of Peru, in order to testify in regard to the illegal acts, which may
be extended in the wake of ongoing investigations.  Their
presence will be required before Peruvian justice through established
mechanisms within international law and Interpol.
Daryl Hodges was
Executive President of Minera IRL Ltd between the 6 March and the 27 August
2015, until he was retired by a vote of more than 91% against his position by
the shareholders of the company.   Jaime Pinto, Douglas Jones and
Robin Fryer are the current board, while Carlos Yrigoyen was initially named
Vice President of Administration and Finance of Minera IRL SA, then more
recently Controller of Minera IRL Ltd.
Minera IRL SA
operates the Corihuarmi Gold Mine and is the owner of Compañia Minera Kuri
Kullu SA, through which the gold project Ollachea will be developed.  Ollachea
is located in Puno, where the Campesino Community of Ollachea named Diego
Benavides a Comunero Honorario (Honorary Community Member). 
The charges were
presented to the Criminal Prosecutor of Lima on 8 September, thereby opening
investigations for 30 days.
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information contact:

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