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The latest from The Dilma Show

The debate in Brazil’s Senate has been going all day (if you care enough and want to practice your Portuguese a link to the live feed here) and once all house members have had their say (they get 15 minutes each and normally take every second to say something very similar to their colleagues…so don’t expect a ratings smash on that feed) they’re going to vote later this evening.
And Dilma is going to lose. Her enemies need 41 votes minimum of the 81 members and there are at least 44 who have declared they’ll vote against her (it’ll probably be around 50 in the end).
Which means she’ll be suspended. And Veep Michel Temer will become interim President as from tomorrow morning.
And as a matter of interest, several news services have reported that Dilma has already removed all her personal photos from the Presidential office. Most newspapers in South America have their front page headlines written already. Stick a fork in this presidency, it’s done.

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