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The website of husband and wife team Kristen Henning and Tom Bartel has been a personal favourite for quite a while but it has to be stated, over the last year or so their work has gone from very good to absolute top class world standard travel journalism. What the thrust behind this quality jump might be I do not know, but these days anything that pops up on my RSS from Travel Past 50 gets immediate eyeballs, the two posts today no exception.
This from Kristen, another report on their recent stay in Florence/Firenze, Italy. Tons of info, plus insight and tips on how to get the best out of your visit there. And the photos.
This from Tom, a post on where they stayed last night, a Bedouin encampment in Wadi Rum, Jordan. The two photos included in this are simply beautiful, even better than Tom’s usual high standards (as regulars know, he’s serious about his photography).
Those links are there because if you click on them you get to enjoy the contents, too. Make your Friday a more pleasant experience by doing so.

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