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The latest opinion poll for the Peru 2011 presidential election

Here it is:

So what makes this poll interesting? Well, firstly it’s done by a decent polling company. Secondly, unlike most other opinion polls for the 2011 election it doens’t base its results on Lima only (where current mayor Castañeda polls well), nor does it stick to urban areas around the country. This poll takes in Lima, provincial cities and the rural areas of Peru, gives a more accurate generalized view of country opinion at this early stage in affairs and the result is that Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta Humala fare better, mostly to the detriment of Castañeda. Meanwhile, the IKN tip for the job next year, ex-Prez Toledo gets another percentage point of support and move up to 16%.
This humble scribe is no big fan of Toledo, that needs to be made clear. However if it turns out to be a choice between him or any one of the others in the front rank, he’s definitely the least worst. Data from here.

UPDATE: Pro-Toledo politico and blogger Juan Sheput has plenty more here. For the record, I have Sheput’s blog on my RSS as he’s one of the very few non-corrupt and straight speaking politicos in Peru.

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