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The Latin America Summit

Today at a Brazil beach resort, leaders of lotsa LatAm countries gather for a two day summit to talk about…well things, really. This is the summit to which the USA “didn’t ask to be invited”, and that in itself is the main talking point (lotsa chat about Monroe turning in his grave etc amongst analysts). But what should we expect from this summit?

1) Chávez will mention the lack of gringos on site every ten minutes

2) Correa and Lula will be special pally pals for the cameras

3) Raul Castro will get a lot of said cameras pointed his way. This is the first time he’s been out of Cuba as President (if you include the stop-off in Venezuela the last two days as the same trip…which it is)

4) Nothing of gravitas will happen. Nothing. So don’t worry about the whole shebang at all and let the regional prezzes do what they went there to do…get some downtime and drink a few FruityRumPunches.

Which reminds me; apparently this has been a very requested summit to cover amongst local reporters. Hey, we all need out R&R, no? I wonder who’ll be covering this important and significant summit for the New York Times?

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