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The liars and thieves at CEOca are at it again

Your humble scribe’s eyes are directed by A. Reader to the den of iniquity that is CEOca, specifically the way in which those self-entitled brats continue to lift, in wholesale and without any sort of permission requested or granted, entire posts from this site. Example here:

You click on the link there and read every single word of the post published on these pages on Monday. This is copyright infringement, you lying two-faced con artist Humphreys. Take it down immediately and also be clear that your scam pusher site has a permanent ban on re-printing a single word of IKN. But that’s not all, because just under that full-length rip-off of IKN we get this joker spreading lies about my good person:
That’s not true, “Zentrarian”. I am not a short seller, nor am I a pump and dump artist (though coming from CEOca, pump-central for the whole sordid Canadian rip-off market, is rather funny. Nor am I buying, holding or selling any of the stocks mentioned. So if you want to play at funstuff Zentrarian, how about I find out your real identity? Be warned that I’m pretty darned good at this game, too. You have 24 hours to issue a full apology and retraction, starting now.

UPDATE: Funny how they will suddenly scurry off and apologize when the threat of sunlight is upon them. 

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