Win us with honest trifles

The liars, wimps and pussies of PDAC

With few exceptions, the tone at PDAC so far this year is one of caution, and the self-styled industry moguls, heads-what-talk and experts are going around saying “…yeah well, a little better but we’re not out the woods…” or “…long way to go yet, don’t get too excited…” or “…no real money entering the sector yet, so cool your jets and…” and variations thereof. These people are either 1) buying without telling you and lying to your face so that they get the cheap prices for themselves 2) complete wimps or 3) have no fucking idea what they’re talking about. If your chosen analyst, broker or fund manager can’t recognize the start of a bull market when it’s placed right before their very eyes, underlined, highlighted and lit up in bright neon letters (or simply refuses to tell you because you’re an unimportant retailer and they need to place the big money first) then you need to stop listening to the dumbass and find somebody who’ll make you money. The time for caution has passed.

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