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The Los Angeles Times does Rise Gold (RISE.cse) (RYES)

A pity they only interviewed Ben Mossman, it seems Lawrence Lepard only likes Twitter and wasn’t there to add his dos centavitos. Anyway, here’s the link so go enjoy the whole thing, a long form report that goes into the pros and cons. The reporter does a good job, personally I liked this bit:

Before coming to Grass Valley, Mossman was the president and chief executive of a company called Banks Island Gold.

It ran the Yellow Giant gold mine on remote Banks Island off the coast of British Columbia, on the traditional land of the Indigenous Gitxaala Nation — which long opposed the mine due to potential pollution.

Mossman started mining there in 2014. But after he received complaints, provincial inspectors showed up the next year and found that his company was releasing mine waste and contaminated water into creeks, ponds and wetlands.

In July 2015, the British Columbia government shut down the mine. Mossman’s company declared bankruptcy a few months later.

The government confiscated the company’s $420,000 reclamation security — essentially a security deposit — and has spent about $250,000 to remove explosives and hazardous materials, develop a final cleanup plan, and monitor water quality, the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation told The Times.

Mossman and his chief geologist are currently on trial in British Columbia on nine federal and 20 provincial charges related to spills at the mine, a spokesman for the British Columbia Prosecution Service said.

The trial began this week, the spokesman said.

Mossman declined to comment on the case.


    hmmm. Isnt John Proust involved in this??? Anyone remember his New Zealand Energy corp that went under many years ago……….


    Proust has superior energy, superior gold, now japan gold and this tofurkey


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