Win us with honest trifles

The main insight gained during the Gold Group Panel webinar on 6ix today…

…was a sudden realization: The serial BS artists and vendors of expensive dreams such as Ridgway must be enjoying this current phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Simon Ridgway, a man “totally unblemished by success“*, gets to tell the world whatever his heart desires about projects in Guatemala or other places. He worked out before this desk did that none of the anal ysts, newsletter writers, geologists (real or otherwise) and assorted promo channels for his scams will dare put their softened carcasses to the risk, expense and time of actually travelling to places and checking them out. As a result Ridgway, his spawn (e.g Rushton) and other circus barkers of his ilk (too many to mention) suddenly have full control of the only data and info these channels will ever see. He also gets to bat away any pesky political risk questions with his normal blather in a controlled environment (remember folks, he is the direct cause of everything that happened at La Puya) and get back to drip feeding info on the rocks.

The world of LatAm mining scamsters must be rubbing its Collective** hands in absolute glee. This year, the ones that wouldn’t dare show you their project can even tell us “how much they’d love to host us and as soon as possible too, but in the present circumstances it’s...” and don’t even have to make those whiny excuses about not organizing a visit. And as guys like Brent Cook will believe anything you say about politic risk as long as you assure him the minister said so, Ridgway must think Christmas has come early in 2021.

*Copyright Rick Rule



    ” (too many to mention)” : Is there a list somewhere they are mentioned? Would like to add it to my list.


    Sir I feel like you changed the writing style a bit and I have to say I love it, especially the * moment.


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