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The main problem with Continental Gold’s (CNL.to) new resource count at Buritica…

…is that it was prepared by Vic Wall, who may have 35 years of experience but was also the guy who bullshitted the world about Colossus at Serra Pelada and burned away hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Canadian and US investment cash. It’s also a company that’s headed up (well what a coincidence) by Ari Sussman, who was the brains behind the whole Colossus promo. Hey, wonder whether Sandstorm is going to get in the mood to buy a piece of Buritica? Look, somebody’s got to say it out loud so it may as well be IKN. 
In fact that’s another thing here, the way this chickenshit mining sector will whisper all this stuff behind people’s backs and closed doors, but never have the guts to say things out loud. But that’s another story for another day, today’s is…
Sussman + Wall = Caveat Emptor, baby.

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