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The Marin Katusa Lucara Diamond (LUC.to) pumpjob

If you haven’t worked out by now that the latest BS pumpjob from that serial destroyer of retail value, Marin “Never Reco’d A Bad Stock” Katusa” is Lucara Diamonds (LUC.to), you’re not paying attention. Below find a segment from IKN472, dated July 10th 2018 (i.e. eight days ago). Since these words LUC is already up 12%, so readers of this who decided to get in front of the dumb money that has started to move in already are doing nicely. Why Eira Thomas has dirtied herself by getting involved with Vancouver’s worst two-faced front-running slimeball is anyone’s guess, but mine is that LUC must be pretty desperate on this Hail Mary.
Anyway, read what subscribers to The IKN Weekly read eight days ago.

Lucara Diamonds (LUC.to) to be pumped this Wednesday

Today Sunday morning,
reader “E” sent over a promo mail he received from the John Mauldin company
“Mauldin Economics” that previews a register-to-watch interview between John
Mauldin and Marin Katusa (a name known by to readers here, I am sure).

After the normal type of
“Wow look success success!!! you want to be a success too, right?” opening we
get to the reason for the mail, it’s a pump job for a mystery stock. Here’s the
relevant part of the script:

I’ve been asking Marin to
sit for an interview for Mauldin Economics readers for months… and I finally
have him pinned down.

He’s agreed to share with
you a description of his investment process and his unique approach to
research, which has been critical to his success.

And he’ll discuss what he
believes is the most promising investment opportunity he has ever seen. It’s a
mining company unlike any you’ve ever heard of…

This is not a
pie-in-the-sky speculation, by the way. This miner has one of the highest
profit margins of any mine in the world. And their revolutionary use of modern
technology is about to change the sector—forever.

If you are interested in
the resource sector, you’ll want to listen in on my conversation with Marin You
can register to see the interview here.

I’ll release the video of
our discussion on Wednesday morning at 10 am ET. It will be available for you
to watch for 48 hours—until Friday at 10 am ET—after which, I’ll have to pull
it down.

I wish I could give you
more time, but Marin insists that his new opportunity is time sensitive. So
please, take a moment to register for our discussion. You can sign up

You’re given a link too,
which is here (17) if you care enough. Anyway, to cut to the chase the stock
Katusa is going to pump to a bunch of unsophisticated retail investors who
would have just had a large portion of sequins thrown in their eyes by that
time is Lucara Diamonds (LUC.to), so if you feel like getting in front of this
pump job then be my guest. I won’t be doing so personally though, I’ll be on
the road, pointing at rocks and getting bitten by very small flying insects. As
this 12 month chart shows, 1) LUC has been in share price trouble for quite a
while 2) there are vested interests trying hard to keep it above the C$2.00
line (margin calls would send it lower if that were broken, I hear) and 3) the
last time Katusa pumped LUC.to is circled in red. Note the speed of the price
spike and how it created a liquidity event for some or other holder to exit.

Which means that if you get in
front of this pumpjob, I recommend that you’re nimble with your trade. As I’m
on the road that’s going to be impossible for me. Thanks for the heads up,
reader “E”.


For more on this phantom “game changing” technology that is pure smoke and mirrors, see the IKN post dated March 27th. One of the most popular posts of the year on the blog so far that covered the original Katusa pump on this company. That pump failed and this one will, too.

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