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The McEwen Mining (MUX) (MUX.to) laughshow continues

As Iwnattos correctly stated today:

This is why professional, publicly-traded corporations hire CorpCom people.

And now, let’s hand over to Robbie Mac for the next episode:

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Apr 13, 2015) – “Responding to numerous media reports, I want to make it perfectly clear, that neither I nor any member of McEwen Mining’s (MUX.TO)(MUX.TO) management team in Canada or in Mexico have had any regular contact with, or have any relationship with, cartel members.
“On Thursday April 9, 2015 at 11:40 am EST I was interviewed on television by Andrew Bell of Business News Network about the recent gold theft from our El Gallo mine. During the interview, I was asked: ‘Is it a dangerous part of Mexico (at our mine site)?’

“I answered: ‘It hasn’t been. I mean the cartels are active down there. Generally we have a good relationship with them.’

“My answer was related to gaining access to properties we wish to explore. It is our policy to contact all property owners or impacted community members in an area to seek their permission and ascertain the appropriate timing to enter their properties to conduct mineral exploration. We respect their wishes as any good neighbor and responsible miner would.
“Unfortunately, my use of the words, ‘good relationship’, was careless and has created the entirely false impression with Mexican media that we have regular contact with criminal elements in their society. This is simply not true. I wish to apologize sincerely for any misunderstanding my words may have caused.
“I wish to acknowledge and thank the Mexican Federal and State governments, law enforcement agencies and the army for their immediate response to the theft. We will continue to cooperate with them fully.

“Most importantly, I want to thank the many employees at our El Gallo Mine in Mexico. The last week has been a trying time for our company, but particularly for those employees directly impacted. Your professionalism, understanding and support of the investigation has been nothing short of outstanding,” said Rob McEwen, Chief Owner, McEwen Mining.

Whole thing here

PS: And don’t miss out on the updated info today, right here

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