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The Mex Files on AMLO’s election bid

The Mex Files is back (YAY!) and kickin’ the Mexico English blogosphere into shape again after a long hiatus and RG was on form this morning with this note that looks at the chances of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in this year’s presidential election. Along the way he notes the way ex-Pres Vicente Fox, once the hardest of the hard line opponents to AMLO, grudgingly admitting that AMLO has a point on certain policies. Other things too that point to a softening of AMLO’s political stance and the way he’s positioning himself in the upcoming campaign. Here’s an extract from the Mex Files piece to whet your appetite:
AMLO does seem, as I’ve said before, to be putting his effort into downplaying the “radical, fiery leftist populist” image … going out of his way to win over the urban middle class and reassure the business community that he is neither Oliver Cromwell nor Ché Guevara, suggests that while Fox may have learned a lesson from AMLO, AMLO is learning from Fox… positioning himself to be the “useful vote” for change.
The whole thing reminds your author sharply of the route taken by Ollanta Humala in the two election campaigns it took him to become President of Peru. Anyway, go read the whole thing over at Mex Files, you’ll know a lot more about the shape of the campaign to come once you have.

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