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(UPDATED) The Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) Concerned Shareholder gameplan

It’s right here. Now we understand the MIRL plan to try and bury its internal corruption once again, we can stop it from happening. We ask all concerned shareholders to take action, based on the instructions in the Silicon Investor post linked and considering the information as seen in the previous posts on the same bulletin board.

UPDATE: We also have new details on the proposed incoming director of Minera IRL, Mr. Martin Mount, on this SI board post. It’s important to maintain the presumption of innocence against Mr. Mount for the time being, but if he continues to act the way he has today that presumption may start wearing thin. We also have clear legal recourse to him if required, as you’ll read.

UPDATE 2: The SI board suddenly got more entertaining this evening, with the return of “GermanyBoy (aka Benavides and his pinche Valdez). Thanks for the guffaws, Game Boy!

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