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The mining industry is now behind NASCAR in race relations

Some context is required, so that the scum running mining companies get an idea of just how bad their optics are in June 2020. Yesterday, during yet another display of total silence of the George Floyd protests from the mining sector, NASCAR banned the display of confederate flags at its race meetings Yes indeed, to the eyes of the world, mining is now behind NASCAR when it comes to race relations.
NASCAR. Think about it.
It’s pathetic to the point of hilarious to think of the millions and millions of employment hours the mining world has taken up with CSR and ESG, the way it has tried to clean up its image by pretending to help communities and other cultures, but when the single biggest and most defining moment of the century occurs you all just sit on the sidelines and wave as the caravan rolls right past you. Maybe for some reason you think all this doesn’t affect you or your company! You are either ignorant people or racist people, either way you don’t deserve to be running public companies.

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