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The minor details that Dorato Resources (DRI.v) forgets to tell the market

Detail one: Dorato Resources (DRI.v) has the United Nations on its back now. CERD is a committee of the UN and the acronym stands for “Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”. Its job is to combat state-level racism, so it’s only natural that eventually they’d be alerted to the defence the Awajun-Wampi peoples of the Amazon basin have been putting up against the Twobreakfasts government and the parasites that would “develop” the region (word used as loosely as possible) for the benefit of the almighty janquidolar.

Detail two: DRI likes to pretend it has shiny happy relations with locals in the Cenepa region, but sadly for the liars at Dorato, the local know how to use the interwebnetpipes too. Here’s the latest post on the blog run by the local people themselves. This way you get their true voice, unfiltered and unspun:

“Despite the injustified triumphalist announcements made by Dorato Resources and Mining Company Afrodita about their mining activities within indigenous territory, CERD express its deep concerns about the authorization of numerous mining concessions without the prior consent and informed consent of indigenous people and about the fact that the conflict between indigenous communities and the Government has escalated at an alarming rate. CERD also requests information about several indigenous Awajun claims.”

But hey…why believe the people that actually live there? Why not believe a bunch of junior gold mining executives instead? When has a gold miner ever been caught lying?

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