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The Monterrico Metals Torture Case: Brits decide to speak to the company in a language that moneygrabbing shits understand

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Remember the story of the tortures and death at the Monterrico Metals Majaz (now called Rio Blanco) copper project in northern Peru? Yeah, sure you do, cos IKN ran this post with the scandalous photos when the story hit in January and followed it up with a dozen or so reports about the aftermath, including how diplo douchebag Richard Ralph was profiting from the threats and torture tactics used by the mining world and in cahoots with the Toledo government of the time.

So today The UK Guardian reports that the company is getting its ass sued in a British court of law for multimillions. Here’s the link (got a video embedded) and here’s an extract:

Richard Meeran, of Leigh Day, the London law firm bringing the high court case, said the evidence of torture was incontrovertible and that it was inconceivable the company could have been unaware of what was happening on its site.

“The company must have been aware of the inhuman treatment of the victims during their three-day ordeal at the Rio Blanco mine,” he said. “Yet there is no evidence of it taking any steps to prevent the harm. On the contrary, it would appear that the company was working in cahoots with the police. It is vital that multinationals are held legally accountable for human rights violations occurring at their overseas operations.”

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