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The morons that run Peru

How much did Manhattan Island go for again?

There are many things illustrated by the following report. Just the basic point that there’s no electricity supply in the region but there are multimillion dollar oil exploration contracts is enough to explain the screw you attitude of Twobreakfasts towards anyone that’s small and brown and not living in the Republic of Lima.

But this story shows more: The lack of respect, of understanding…. hell, the sheer dumbass stupidity shown by Peru’s government to its people. These are the ones that have no right to complain, by the way, but if they do dare to protest the arrogant, usurping nature ofAlan Garcia’s Peru they are then slaughtered by police in helicopters. Now follows a direct translation of this story in El Comercio this morning:

Laptops given to Asháninka students in Junín but they have no electricity to use them

7:20am: The Regional Government gave 2,656 computers to children, but in 50 of the 73 communities there is no electricity to use them.

“Our teachers will be able to tell us about the world” says Blas optimistically, 12 years old and an Asháninka indigenous, while holding on to a personal computer that has just been handed over by state functionaries. He doesn’t yet know how it works, but asks what he will do when the battery runs out.

He and 2,655 other student from 73 Asháninka communities in the Satipo region received laptop computers from the Ministry of Education and the Regional Government of Junín. “They’re not toys and you have to keep them out of the rain and humidity because they can go wrong” said various children. The sad fact is that 50 of the 73 communities can’t keep them running, because they have no electricity supply.

“It’s true that the majority of these towns don’t have electricity” the regional president Vladimir Huaroc admitted, who faced with CONTINUES HERE

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