Thy sin’s not accidental

The most valuable brands in LatAm

This is a really depressing list.
Millward Brown Vermeer (a subsidiary of advert giants WPP) has put together its annual list of the top 50 most valuable brands in Latin America. The concentration of cash in trade marks is simplicity itself, you need:
  • A business in Mexico, Brazil or Chile. Then Colombia. 
  • A beer or a bank, or if in Chile a retail chain
  • Then maybe a phone or an oil & gas company.

The minor variations come further down the line (whole thing here), but apparently the whole region is just one big account-holding, beer slurping, car driving mass of people who love their companies. Maybe you don’t get the perspective in your local market, but when you compare the reality of this region to the image the publicists try to sell you the superficial bullshit of advertising gets written in large letters in Latin America. Humanity will not miss them when they are gone.

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