Take physic, pomp

The most visited IKN post this week is…

…this one,Pacific Rubiales (PRE.to): Who the hell is Volbor Trading?.

This is an example of one of the most simple ways a single post gets a quantity of hits. You write on a company that’s in the wider news, you provide a different angle and you stick a near-unique keyword in there (in this case Volbor). It then gets hits from people looking for PRE.to news, it also gets hits from others who have noticed the Volbor connection. It then goes a little (or sometimes a lot) viral when people start linking your little snippet to others who may care.
It’s at times like these I remind myself how much more “popular” and “influential” IKN could be. After this many years doing this thing, you’d need to be pretty brain dead not to notice the patterns that repeat. There’s this above and a whole bunch of other ways, but I really don’t give a fig about all that brand expansion malarkey. I write what I feel like writing and in that way IKN mostly stays as a backwater blog which appeals to a pretty specific niche. What’s cool about that is the number of regular readers.

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