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The Muck Pile is back

Muckpile Mike is back at the helm of his sturdy blog after a couple of weeks of doing real things, which is good news for virtual people such as your humble scribe. Two good posts up already:
This one on the idiocy of a new round of British Columbia gubmint rules and regs. If you want to sell a mining property or prospect in BC, any advert you run can’t include assay results or pictures.

And this one on the Vancouver Resource Conference, on now, at which attendances are being padded out as well as the promoters can manage but the lack of real attendees or interest is palpable. In the words of Muckpile Mike, “Lots of geologists, chopper pilots, drillers, and IR types. Not much sign of the mythical retail investor.”
You need to read The Muck Pile more often, way better than IKN.

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