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The new Argonaut

The first paragraph of IKN292 dated December 14th 2014 was this…

…and then that edition went into a 12 page analysis of the company, with a big fat “buy” reco at the end. Then in IKN293, the very next week, we shifted its recommendation up to ‘Top Pick’ and more were bought. As it happens, my cost average on the trade was $1.47 and in less than a month I sold the lot, average $2.53 (yup, they’re already gone, just after the 4q14 production numbers came out, because as well as reco’ing buys round these parts we also dare to reco sells). 
Unsurprisingly, since then subbers have been writing in asking for another of this type of trade idea, but apart from a small new buy idea that’s a minor trade and flatlined so far there hasn’t been anything to assuage their desires. Until this weekend, because somewhat to my own surprise (as these don’t tend to come around with such frequency) I’ve identified another great looking trade vehicle that has “near-term win” stamped all over it. Whether it will return the same type of spectacular profit as Argonaut Gold did in December/January is another story, as 72% in less than a month is rare at any time. But it has exactly the same kind of ducks-in-line look about it as AR.to did and what’s more, it’s a stock I’ve hated for many moons so yet again, half the story for me personally has been getting over my personal prejudices and seeing it for what it is, a top shot at “buy low sell high”. 
Anyway that’s what you can expect from The IKN Weekly on Sunday, subbers. Should be fun. Keep some spare cash available.

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