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The Nobel Committee officially regrets awarding Barack Obama the 2009 Peace Prize

The letter, dated yesterday September 12th, can be read in full here. This is how it starts:

“Prizes awarded by the Nobel Committee are not retracted. It remains the obligation of the Committee to disassociate itself from actions taken by laureates that frustrate rather than advancing the fraternity between nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies. The Committee therefore joins with the public statements of several Nobel Peace Laureates in expressing its regrets over the conduct of the 2009 prize recipient.”

It was the day the Peace Prize devalued itself, so the Nobel Committee’s move to mitigate some of its stupid decision is welcomed. But don’t be misled, this is too little too late and can’t undo even half of the damage done to the reputation of the Peace Prize. 

ps: yes i know it’s a fake. it shouldn’t be, though

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