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The Once and Future Queen

You might think like me that this one has come around quickly, but 2013 sees the next Presidential election in Chile. The thing that grabs the eyeballs however, is that even though we’re a while from the vote scheduled 17th November 2013, Chile seems to have made up its mind who its wants in La Moneda. Step foreward once again, Michelle Bachelet as we check in on this report of voter intention from Chile’s benchmark pollsters, CEP (excerpt translated):

“…when asked the question, “You have decided to vote for…?”, Bachelet received 46% support (as well as 22% who “could” vote for her), against 14% for (likely admin candidate and popular minister Laurence) Golborne, 5% for Enríquez-Ominami, 4% for Allemand and 3% for Lagos, Weber and Parisi.” continues here

That’s pretty wild, but then again if we consider that ‘Chelle left her post with a 76% approval rating and current gatekeeper Seb can’t break 30% the logic is clear enough. Chile’s had enough of its Right wing experiment and is going to go back to Centre-Right-That-Calls-Itself-Centre-Left. 

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