More matter with less art

The one thing that never changes about a bullshit newsletter pump and dump scam…

…is that only the people at the centre of the scam know when the plug gets pulled.

Back in mid-September when PRD Energy (PRD.v) announced snags in the drill program, pumper in chief and centre of the bullshit ring Marin Katusa of Casey Research promised his obedient flock that PRD Energy would give up drill result news on its “Next Bakken” (but don’t worry ’bout the enviro permits on Bakken-style production in Germany, guys, nothing to worry about I’m sure) by mid-October. And here we are in mid-November, with a distinct lack of news. 
But don’t let it worry you, Casey faithful, I’m sure there’s a logical reason for the delay and that everything will turn out just fine. 

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