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The Otto Rock mailroom smackdown, episode 4,729

I get quite a lot of this type of thing below (surprised, huh?), but just for today and while I’m feeling all “come-peek-round-the-curtain”, here’s an example of an exchange between your humble scribe and a blog reader. We start with reader ‘BS’ (no kidding, those really are his initials and his full name was supplied) and his ‘vociferous defence’ of Peter Grandich after today’s post by Grandich from your humble scribe. We then move to the reply and following that what was served up by BS afterwards. Further comment is minimized as this humble corner of cyberspace prefers to treat its readers as adults rather than spoonfeed them. Finally, please be clear that I asked for and was given permission to reprint the both mails written by ‘BS’.

Reader BS writes:

The fact that you not only bash Peter Grandich but also many others in the mining community makes you the A-hole sir, not them!  They didn’t start the shit, you did!  You’re the one who looks bad, not them!

Otto replies:

Dear (Name),

1) Would you give me permission to reprint your mail on my blog? Refusal will not offend and unless permission is given, it will not be used.

2) The word is “asshole” (or “arsehole” if you prefer UK-type English).

3) How’s FCO.to working out for you? Never bothered you that Grandich was being paid by FCO all the time he was pumping it to the world? Or EVG.v? Or a host of others, in fact.

Thanks for your mail, your opinion is appreciated (unlike in many other places).

Reader BS then replies:

1) Yes, if you’d like.

2) Yes, I know what the word is but I thought I’d use the shortened version as it’s a nicer way of saying it, and after all, I am a nice person. Smile

3) I didn’t buy FCO.to, as a person can’t buy them all.  Having said that, I can tell you that I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars off the FREE suggestions of companies in Peter’s blog.  As I am a subscriber with Gary at Biiwii, the only company I bought which I know came from you at the time was mid-2008 when I bought VEM.to for $0.39 which subsequently tanked.  So you’re perfect?  Fortunately, I had a stop loss in so wasn’t hurt too badly.

As far as I’m concerned, if certain resource companies decide to engage Peter Grandich and pay the guy $20,000 or $30,000 a month for that, who the hell would refuse?  I know I wouldn’t.  If Peter Grandich has said it once, he’s said it a hundred times including today.  “Failure is the norm in the junior resource business and if you buy those companies you are speculating, which is gambling, so be prepared to lose some or all your money.”  The responsibility goes only to the individuals who choose to buy those types of companies.

FYI, the following is an email I sent to Gary at Biiwii on Feb. 25th:


I know you meant well on your post about the “3 Amigos”, and as it’s been on my mind for some time, I felt compelled to respond.  As I found it to be a small pain to comment on your blog, thought I’d email instead. 

Mickey Fulp and the Metal Augmentor may be very nice fellows and I’m sure they are, but as I occasionally read Otto Rock’s blog being a PM investor, I’m not sure how anyone could say the same for him, with all due respect to you and your opinion.  To see him continually calling the likes of anyone from Casey Research, anyone from GATA, Peter Grandich, Mike Kachanovsky, etc, etc, nothing but scumbags, scammers, pump and dump artists and the like, well, I’m sorry but I find it difficult to have any respect for a man like that.  Peter Grandich is a Christian, a nice man, and I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars off his free mentions of mining companies that he makes on his blog.  But to see someone like Otto Rock, with his idiotic and immature rants teeing off on so many members in the mining area is quite simply a little hard to take.  I honestly don’t know why a person has to resort to that type of behaviour.  I read tons of articles and blogs and I don’t know of one other person out there who does anything like that.  And I wouldn’t subscribe to anyone who does.  Hopefully on his one month vacation he took a look into a mirror at least once.”

Otto, really and truly, why don’t you just stick to what should be the only two things to talk about on your blog.  That being LatAm issues and resource stocks!

Last serving of Otto:

That was was great, too! Can I use this second mail of yours, too? I’m glad to see you have a high opinion of yourself. Oh by the way, apportioning blame for your bad VEM trade via something written somewhere else is not a smart investment attitude. I’ve been on VEM since 18c and 21c, been reco’ing it since then, have the dated publications to prove it and continue to recommend it. One reason is that it’s not a scam and refuses to bend over and lube itself to the Canadian brokerage system  and its innumerable parasites that you seem to prefer. Hey, takes all sorts I suppose….
And as is correct we allow the aggressor to have the last word (experience has taught that if you don’t these things go on forever). Here’s BS:
Sure, fly right at it big guy!  BTW, I did 41% last year so I’m not complaining.  On another note, it’s unfortunate we live so far apart.  I’m sure we could be best buds!  Smile

IKN back. So if you feel like spicing up your day and mailing over your slice of vitriol, go ahead knock yourself out and be like BS too. But do yourself a favour and find out how to use an exclamation mark correctly first, yeah? It’d make your mail that much easier to read this end. Oh, and don’t expect a reply because normally I can’t be bothered. Mojitos served, the end.

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