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The Paid Pumper Sweepstakes, update deux

We began the exciting race on May 25th with Deborah Honig vs. Joanne Jobin vs. Bob Moriarty: It’s The Paid Pumper Sweepstakes, then checked in on progress two weeks ago in Catching up with The Paid Pumper Sweepstakes, so it’s time to see how Deb, Jo and Bob have been getting on since then:

  • Well done Deb, EXN is only 6% down over the last two weeks! That’s great paid pumping under the circumstances, you’re certainly earning your fee. ¡Si Se Puede! ¡Si Se Puede!
  • Sadly we can’t say the same for Bob, his charge NVO has been staggering around like a drunken fool for the last couple of days, blabbering about ops on C&M and making no sense to others. Twenty-five percent down in ten days? Must try harder, Bob.
  • Even though Jo’s Chakana Copper (PERU.v) is tailing the others, hope pumps eternal as next week Jo has her very own conference next week in Quebec and PERU.v is the guest of honour! She even has Chakana’s chairman as keynote speaker, so those of you looking for a quick pumpo bucko might want to pile in before the rest of the world sees the hidden value. Or something.

Look out for the next exciting episode of the Paid Pumper Sweepstakes on your favourire Twitter timeline soon, you know it makes sense.


    Amerigo is down 20% from May 25.


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