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The pathetic Garofalo

What a pathetic coward:

VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 28, 2021 /CNW/ – Great Panther Mining Limited (TSX: GPR) (NYSE-A: GPL) (“Great Panther” or the “Company”), a growing gold and silver producer focused on the Americas, announces the resignation of David Garofalo as Director and Chair of the Board of Directors ( the “Board”), effective immediately, in order to focus on other business commitments. Alan Hair, independent director of Great Panther, has been appointed as the new Chair of the Company.

Slinks away from the mess he tried to cover up. What did you expect, that one of Canada’s glitterati and self-appointed Mining Hall of Famers would try to stand up and be counted? Birds of a feather.


    I will now also add Gold Royalty Corp to my “never own” list.
    When I was studying Business Studies the very first thing we learned was that you can delegate authority, but you can’t delegate responsibility; the lesson being that you are responsible for your own actions and the actions of those below you in the organisational structure. Once again, we have encountered a CEO attitude that more resembles that of “if in leadership, don’t accept responsibility for anything”.


    I’m ashamed to have owned shares of this nightmare company at one point, as a badly misguided spec. I got out when the employee fatalities started. If that’s not enough of a sign to get out, nothing ever will be. I’m sorry to see that this company continues to defile all that it touches. They are a scourge.


      The good news is that GPL are looking to flog all of their Mexican assets so that they can ‘focus’ on that massively sucessful mine in Brasil….


    Rats and sinking ships. As a Canadian this is sad.


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    The news finally reaches Canada:
    Brazil fines Canadian miner Great Panther for cyanide leak at gold mine


    […] to Great Panther Mining (GPL) (GPR.to) last month, plus the absolutely and totally coincidental news the same day that erstwhile GPL Chair David Garofalo had resigned effective immediately, Canadians will be […]


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