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The possible reasons why you are not long Amerigo Resources (ARG.to) yet

Your choices:

  • You never invest in mining companies
  • You do not like making money in capital markets
  • You have not read the latest ARG corporate presentation yet

For your main clue, here’s slide 10:

For the record, as from 2021 your humble scribe is long ARG and since then, it has built into his single largest copper position. Now you know why. Not selling a single one of them, either. Here’s the link to the company’s corporate presentation, you are advised to go and read it.


    Sir you might also like Jubilee Metals $JLP.L – soon to start up their initial from-tailings copper production facility of 10kt/y in Zambia, with growth in the pipelines


    A risk is the copper price if the world economy goes in the toilet, no?


    Why is Amerigo spending plenty of cash on TV ads to pump the stock ok when you write plenty of posts shredding other managements for doing similar?


    Thanks, I will take a stab . Thanks anyhow, and I am a big boy. BTW, my top pick is still Polymetal International, POYYF. p/e of less than 2 and up about 80% since I rec here ( has come off a bit lately and a great buy IMO. ) Risky for sure, but whats life without risk. Talk about splitting Kazakh assets from Russia to create 2 companies eliminating Russia risk. IMO, those alone are worth more than 3x the present share price.


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