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The reason Tommy Humphreys hasn’t mentioned Niocorp (NB.to) this week

More than one of you have written in over the last 24 hours to note that there’s been nary a sniff of a hint of a mention about Niocorp (NB.to) over at Tommy Humphrey’s CEO.ca since the PEA was published that has sunk the stock by 40%. So a few minutes ago I held my nose, went over and had a look at CEO.ca for myself, scrolled down and then checked previous entries and yup, for truth Niocorp (NB.to) doesn’t get a mention. So to re-cap:
  • All through 2014 Niocorp (NB.to) is pumped by Tommy Humphreys. The price climbs.
  • But when real news comes out, i.e. the PEA on its flagship property, we hear nothing. 

A site that were concerned with information and the furthering of its visitors’ understanding of the mining world would surely cover the single most important piece of news from a company it’s been covering regularly, no matter whether it was good or bad news. But CEO.ca has not done so and the reason is simple. Here’s a paste from the bottom of one of the previous CEO.ca puff pieces on Niocorp (NB.to):

Disclosure note: Author participated alongside Mr. Smith in this financing and Niocorp has recently become a client. This is not investment advice and do your own due diligence.

Reason: Tommy Humphreys is paid by the mining company. Therefore you’re going to hear all the good, all the thrusting expectations and all the promises, but the moment something turns up that doesn’t fit into the narrative, such as a few third-party peer-reviewed rulebook-compliant facts about a project that’s obviously not economic, then Tommy Humphreys isn’t going to say a thing.
Because he’s been bought. 

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