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The reason why Tinka Resources (TK.v) isn’t up further

I get regular mails on the whole “why isn’t Tinka Resources (TK.v) moving up, what with the property looking very good and zinc at $1.50/lb and...” etc etc thing. The reason is simple, TK refuses to drop its underpants and give the Vancouver money masters the financing at this level (with the half warrant) that they’re insisting upon. TK thinks that the warrants exercise in November plus the resource update and then the PEA in early 2018 will make them suddenly irresistible to the world, while the people who really run the sector are just laughing their asses off and know that they can suppress this share price from here to eternity until the company plays ball and gives them their juicy slice. You seriously think they care if TK finishes this cycle with $10m at bank and a PEA organically when everyone knows the PFS drilling and study in 2018 will cost them three times treasury? 
When TK runs its placement, the brakes will be lifted. Simple as that.

PS: The only difference between this blog and the sector voices is that this blog has the balls to publish the things other people just furtively whisper to each other.

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