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The relative strength in Orezone (ORE.v) continues

As the 24 month comp vs GDXJ shows, it’s not the first time ORE.v has banged its head on this price ceiling. But this time around, there seems to be a distinct lack of sellers, too.

If it’s not West Africa’s next M&A deal, it must be in the queue. Disclosure: I own a few and paid 79c a while back, not selling until the print comes.


    ORE also has Warrants selling for around .50 good until JAN 23 …It is funded for and building a mine ..They have been very good at truly progressing the locals standard of living …Beautiful heart warming story …


    financing announced. 8.5% converts @ 1.08
    below market.


    This convertable note financing was announced within the overall financing package . Nothing new here just going through the paperwork .


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