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The roaring silence from Sandstorm Gold (SAND)

As Thursday brings a raft of news releases, including production numbers from a few companies, this humble corner of cyberspace is reminded that Sandstorm Gold (SAND) (SSL.to), normally one of the first companies to announce its sales figures for the quarter, has not said a word about its quarter so far.

In fact, the last NR out of the company was in October 2020. Have Nolan Watson and David Awram been more interested in setting up their next IPO scalping scam with Jamie Keech? Are they too busy getting into more deals with common thieves like Steve Zuker? Nah, the reason is more prosaic, the quarter was yet another disappointment and the company is ashamed of its recent performance.


    Honest question — what control does Sandstorm have over its performance? Isn’t production or revenue from any particular revenue baked in long ago, since it comes from already-concluded streaming deals?

    If the mines that they have streaming deals or royalties on are producing less, what can Sandstorm do about that?


      “Royalty/Streamer” to “Normal Mining Company”, I don’t think there’s (or at least should be) any difference in the way they’re judged. Both can have good/bad qtrs, by they expected or unexpected. Regarding surprises, both move if their numbers are higher or lower than the expected. But both can guide (or not) toward expected production peaks/troughs over the LT cycle (e.g. guide for a weak Q3 at the start of a year), depending on corp strategy. Ultimately…


    Had made a reasonable but prosaic return on Sandstorm until selling earlier this year at a profit, treated it for a while as a core holding to stabilize the account. Held a residual though that couldn’t wait to dump until got lucky spike of Jan 04 .

    Otto’s right, the single greatest determinant of a company’s success is its management.


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