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The Russians Aren’t Coming

They’re already here.

It would be easy enough for the USA to demonize Russian President Medvedev’s state visit to Venezuela, handily coinciding with the arrival of the battlecruiser Peter the Great for naval maneuvers with the Venezuelan navy this week (as featured on Venezuelan State TV every seven minutes or so) if it weren’t for the thorny detail that Medvedev has also packed in official state visits to Peru and Brazil before arriving in Caracas.

Y’see, this is one of the most obvious consequences of the neglect and arrogance the USA has shown to South America in the Bush years; it’s not that much different to the way kids act in the school playground with the law of “if you treat me badly I’m not going to be your friend anymore I’m going to find me another friend so there” applying….only a couple of steps more sophisticated.

It may be tough to swallow for many, but the Monroe Doctrine died out years ago and the attempts to try and resurrect the lord-it-over-em ‘our backyard’ attitude now meets with the well deserved middle finger of LatAm. So while the USA “watches with concern” as the influence of Russia grows in the region, remember that before effects come causes.

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