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The salutary tale of Mahdia Gold

Junior Canadian Resource isn’t a new blog, but in the last couple of months its owner (DaYvan Cowboy, a fine moniker imho) has been posting more often and it’s now a part of the blogroll over there on the right. Today we get this post from the site, which takes a look at Mahdia Gold. It’s well worth the time of anyone into junior explorecos, as on the one hand it’s a detailed breakdown of how the management behind Mahdia (and its previous incarnations) ripped off the people who invested in the junior, while at the same time may remind the reader of many other similar cases. The post is done well, shows more detail than I tend to do round here these days (time when I’d put together a thousand words on stupid BS juniors like MTO.v) and as such, the process of the scam is laid out clearly. Read it and you’ll be one step closer to avoiding the plethora of sharks and assholes that inhabit this most sordid of business sectors.
So go read the Junior Canadian Resource post. It’s better than IKN, telling you straight.

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