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The Saturday OT: Itzhak Perlman plays Bach Partita Nº 2 (BWV 1004)

I can’t believe this only has 5k views on Youtube, it should have hundreds of thousands minimum. 
An interpretation of Bach’s Partita 2 by one of the very greatest violinists, captured live in front of an audience who must have been blown to bits by their lunchtime entertainment on that day. Perlman at the peak of his considerable powers.

You just have to watch this, especially from 11:01 onwards. Extra special. And don’t FFwd to the end, treat yourself to the whole thing but pay attention to 29:25 and the seconds that follow. He’s just finished the piece, there’s a silence between the last note and the first of the extended applause (that turns into a standing-O) and the camera’s on Perlman’s face, close-up. He knows what he’s just done. He knows he’s just nailed one of the great violin pieces cold, in front of an audience and for everyone listening in on live radio. It’s a beautiful frame.

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