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The search for blue tourmaline in Brazil (updated)

This video is fabbo, the story of the decades-long hunt for precious gems in Brazil told by the Tucson AZ geologist who’s done it and wowsers, his love and passion for the subject is impressive.

It’s geologically fascinating, the narration is engaging, the back-story is fun and then the end result is something very beautiful. You like cool exploring stories? Or you like geology? Very pretty shiny things? You only need one of those to qualify, I cannot recommend this video enough.
It’s just one of four videos on the subject available here. The others are just as good but for some interwebs reason i can’t put up all of them separately, so watch that one above and then click through.
And then, read more about GIA here.

UPDATE: It turns out that the husband and wife team* then take the stones they find and turn them into things like this:

That. Is. Pretty. Their website is here, go check it out.

*who I’ve never met, either real-life or virtually, so this isn’t a sales pitch and i’m not on any sort of commish. This is just me going “wow people, check it out”, nothing more nor less

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