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The single best trade for 2017 in two easy to follow steps

It’s a simple and highly effective strategy:
1) Wait for Casey Research’s Louis James “Top Pick of 2017” selection, which is about to be unveiled any day now.
2) Bet against it.
And the good news is that evidence abounds for this trade idea:
In 2014, his number one biggest position and bang-on-table stock pick pump was Banks Island Gold (ex-BOZ). He even started screaming louder about it to his subscribers in March 2014, as seen here. BOZ.v proceeded to go bankrupt. Yes indeed, both he and all the people daft enough to believe the stopped-clock stupidity published by Casey Research lost all their money, every last cent.
In 2015, his number one biggest position and bang-on-table stock pick pump was Rubicon  Minerals (ex-RMX). And as it turns out this one also went bankrupt and his subscribers lost untold amounts of cash due to his abject stupidity, gullibility and lack of basic knowledge.
Then in 2016, Louis Lobito Little Wolf James chose to steer clear of junior miners for his Top Pick for the year. Instead he plumped for the Pro Share Ultrashort S&500 ETF (SDS) as his best idea in January and wrote (we quote), “Shorting the NYSE is my number one recommendation for this year”. Here’s how that one got on:
Yup, another epic fail, three years in a row. Therefore the trade idea is easy: Just listen out for Lobito’s Top Pick, bound to be coming soon with all Porter Scamsberry bells and whistles attached, then fade it with confidence as both history and idiocracy is on your side.

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