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The ‘Small Silvers’ 2010 sweepstakes November update

The end of another month (wow, just one to go) and here’s how our nine small silver stocks, along with our benchmark comparative ticker of the silver bullion ETF (SLV) has developed these last thirty days.

(click to enlarge or steal for your paranoid tinfoilhat bullboard…wouldn’t be the first time and you never bother to say thankyou, do you?)

Still streaking out in the lead is U.S Silver (USA.v) which looks a racing certainty for the title this year. Second place is pretty much defined too, with First Majestic continuing to be strong as an ox. Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v) has been better-than-the-rest all year and shows no sign of losing that while the money continues to pour into the sector.
The big difference to this month’s chart is that every single name is now positive on the year, perhaps the most telling fact of the silver sector right now as even the dogs get bought. Also, our benchmark ETF (SLV) beats out just three or the names now and apart from Impact (IPT.v) at the bottom, it’s not beating them out by much. And they wonder why The IKN Weekly has been so bullish since the end of summer? I mean, even Wistar and MexMike are going to escape from this year with more money thanks to ECU.to’s recent perk-up…..it’s a generous market, this one.

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