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The South America Swine Flu Sweepstakes Update 10 July

Here’s the updated chart. As always, click it to make it bigger if needed.

The latest from Argentina is 70 dead, another 15 probably dead from AH1N1 and the country is taking Friday off to make a long, four day weekend to help stop the spread of the disease. We also have an opposition that is accusing the government of understating the true figures. I dunno ’bout dat, but there surely are plenty of cases, both in Argentina and the rest of the world, where the sick person just goes “yeah, I got the bug” and stays at home for three days without bothering people. Meanwhile, the country is reportedly “paralyzed”, with photos in Clarin this week of about a dozen people in my personal favourite lunchtime joint in downtown Buenos Aires when there are usually at least 350 people milling round and trying to catch the waiters’ attention. Very weird. Also, Spanish speakers shouldn’t miss this report on the feeling in the city regarding the flu. Great piece of atmosphere reporting.

Peru scores its 3rd fatality and 1,331 infected. Bolivia is now cancelling events like concerts and footy matches. Paraguay has just declared a state of health emergency. Chile still leads but doesn’t crap itself in public like other countries…I could never live there…not Latino enough.

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