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The South America Swine Flu Sweepstakes Update 13 July

Here’s the chart (and as I’ve been asked a couple of times, for those who wish feel free to copy and use elsewhere, no problems and no need to write in):

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Sadly, it might be time to stop counting the infected and start a new fatalities chart, with nearly 100 deaths in Argentina, 26 in Chile and smatterings over all corners of the continent, even the bits that don’t get a real winter. All countries on the list have at least one fatality to their names and the region total is now 151 (94 in Argentina).

Argentina took delivery of 100,000 “anti-flu kits” on Friday and another 400,000 on Sunday (from Switzerland…nice people) and the government seems to be reacting..finally. However, the officially confirmed 2,928 cases may be way behind reality, with some health people quoting 19,700 infections throughout the country right now.

Brazil has broken into 4 figures. Bolivian health authorities are talking about 27,000 infections over the next 12 months. Peru is now panicking and the traditional midwinter school break that happens end July/beginning August has been brought forward and now starts July 15th.

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